January 1, 2024

What Kind of Websites Convert? A Professional's Checklist and Strategy

Imagine yourself as a customer again, clicking through options. Clearly, you won't settle on the first link you see, nor will you make an immediate purchase; you need choices. You browse through 5-6 links. What should a website have to truly resonate with you?

A compelling website doesn't just blend in, it stands out emotionally from the competition.

It's not about bombarding visitors with intrusive pop-ups. The initial impression should captivate with its message and visuals, sparking an emotion or the realization that it indeed offers what the customer is seeking—a solution to their problem, presented in a genuinely advantageous proposal.

We're all human, with hearts and souls. A bland description of a service or product, accompanied by a couple of photos, won't cut it. The site needs to connect on an emotional level. Purchases are made based on emotions, and it's essential to craft that emotional connection.

Remember, your client has likely seen hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, so yours needs to elicit a "Wow" rather than a "It's okay, average, like everyone else's."

Strive to be the best, transforming paid clicks into investments rather than expenses.

Think logically: why should they buy specifically from you? Emotion alone is fleeting if the content on the site falls short compared to competitors. The client will leave your site to explore others in detail. There must be thoroughly compelling reasons to trust you enough to return. Trust is crucial; no one buys without it.

Emotions are sparked by promises, but now trust needs to be established. Can you explain why you instantly trust some people upon meeting them but not others?

Sometimes, decisions are made intuitively. The brain processes thousands of factors, arriving at a conclusion. Similarly, every line and image on the site should weave in trust factors. It's possible to elaborate endlessly (perhaps over 20 pages) on how a site should be, but it's better to dive into the nuances of the development process that achieve this result.

The Infitech approach to creating a compelling website.

Whatever you, your secretary, manager, marketer, spouse's dog writes in the brief will be considered, but it's not all the information needed to create a website. We'll dissect your niche and business with a fresh perspective to identify unique differentiators, positioning strategies, and what your client truly desires.

Sometimes, marketers' and business owners' perceptions of what clients need are just their subjective views, which can differ from reality. Clients are not always right about internet promotion. That's where our expertise comes in. We ensure the website attracts clients first and foremost, rather than just appealing to the business owner. Sorry, but we might skip the page with your biography if it's not useful for the client.

Our goal is to make the website sell and focus on the clients, not just to please someone in your company.

We conduct marketing analysis. We break down the business into components, analyze client needs, identify client types, determine emotions and pain points, examine competitors, develop USPs, and find a niche gap, creating elements that set you apart from everyone else.

We think through the business packaging on the site from start to finish.

We use gentle NLP — neurolinguistic programming in sales. You may or may not know this, but it's possible to influence the decision-making process. And not with pop-up discounts, gifts, or flashing banners. Colors, shapes, objects, photographs, and even barely noticeable images can influence a person's emotional state. The client isn't brainwashed, of course, and won't fall into a trance, but their brain will receive the right signals to experience pleasant emotions. It's about making the site enjoyable to visit, and the product associated only with positive emotions.We have a psychologist on staff who instructs the designer so that the site's images send a subliminal message straight to the client's subconscious.

The whole promotion concept will go down the drain if the site loads slowly, opens incorrectly, or doesn't display well on mobile. Therefore, impeccable technical execution of pages is a must. By the way, this is an important factor for further SEO promotion. Search engines like such perfect sites.

A standard approach doesn't sell, creativity is needed.

With the advantage of experience, we can afford such an approach, creating uniqueness, not copies. We create truly interesting websites. Content is created in close collaboration with niche experts, making the site compelling to read. No fabricated nonsense for the sake of a catchy phrase, only facts.

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